Gas Stoves and the Air You Breathe Community Conversation

Join us June 26th

There has been a focus in the news recently on gas stoves and impacts on air quality. The American Public Health Association has labeled gas cooking stoves "a public health concern", and the American Medical Association warns that cooking with gas increases the risk of childhood asthma. Join Project N95 as we dive deeper and hear from experts on the topic.

Our distinguished panel will include:

  • John Volckens: Mechanical Engineering Professor at Colorado State University

  • Peter Moschovis: Pediatric Pulmonologist and Assistant Professor at Harvard University

Please Join Us as We Discuss:

  • What are the risks of gas stoves?
  • How worried should I be if I use a gas stove?
  • What can be done to mitigate the risks?
  • And more...

Project N95 offers these virtual conversations as a partner for empowering people and diverse communities with knowledge, resources, and relationships as we navigate the new normal together.

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