COVID-19 Tests

Your health is essential. Everyone should have access to testing to help keep them and their families and coworkers safe. The Project N95 Shop provides access to COVID-19 Test Kits from verified suppliers provided by the National Clearinghouse that is your trusted source.

How do I purchase?

You may wish to register before you shop so we can understand your needs and ensure the right products are available to you. You will still be able to purchase select products if you choose to check out as a guest.

What products are available?

Our COVID-19 Test Kit selection is growing everyday. Currently available products include:

Coming soon:

  • Additional Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Test Kits
  • Additional Point of Care COVID-19 Test Kits
  • Antibody Tests
  • Additional tests for screening programs
  • Tests for use with pooled sample testing
  • More Testing Service Providers
  • Other test kit supplies

I need more information. How do I know which products to select?

  • Read our 5 Considerations When Buying a COVID-19 Test Post or our Is an Antigen Test Right for Me? on our Medium Blog for guidance.
  • View our help center resources on COVID-19 Testing here.
  • Use the COVID-19 Testing Impact Calculator to build your testing strategy here.
  • Use the ASU Connect To Test COVID-19 Testing Diagnostics Commons to discern your testing needs here.
  • I need more help. How do I get in touch?

    You can contact us at

    Covid Testing Services

    How can I be sure your diagnostic testing kit products are reliable, accurate, & safe?

    We use manufacturers and suppliers who can meet quality, cost and delivery expectations. We do the upfront work by reviewing:

    1. Supplier registration, contacts, and other supporting documentation.
    2. Product documentation, including photos and videos products, and regulatory status (learn more here).
    3. Product pricing, minimum order quantity, availability, capacity, and lead times.