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Frontline Needs

To date, we've matched 2,267 frontline organizations with vetted products and suppliers.

Project N95 serves the frontline workers by improving access to quality suppliers with critical equipment products. Our goal is to accelerate procurement and sourcing decisions for your organization as well as coordinate with government and association "aggregators" to support groups with limited resources.

Request PPE and critical supplies

If you're a frontline organization and need PPE or critical equipment, we will connect you to reliable suppliers.

What happens after qualifying?

Matched with Vetted Products

If your request meets the requirements of at least one supplier, we will connect you. Our product list continues to grow and we will grant access as soon as a supplier can meet your requirements.

Connected to an Aggregator

For those who cannot meet minimum order or other requirements but have purchasing capacity, we will work to connect you to organizations that aggregate and distribute larger orders.

Able to aggregate purchase orders? We are working with organizations who can place large orders on behalf of frontline organizations. If you are able to acquire and distribute critical equipment, submit your information.

Qualification Process

We're driving towards sustainable procurement strategies through transparency. To best support your needs and discourage price gouging, our team takes the following steps:

  1. Review submission details on request identity, contact information, organization, available funding, urgency, operating status, and product requirements.
  2. If necessary, follow-up by email or phone to better understand needs and additional information.

Note: Project N95 will NOT share your contact information with suppliers.

We recognize that some organizations do not have the financial capacity to meet their critical equipment needs. We're working on multiple options to support those requests.

A look at the numbers

Project N95 commits to enabling other COVID-19 crisis response efforts across the country who are also focused on supporting frontline organizations and at-risk communities. With that, we're releasing limited datasets to enable others and have partnered with GetUsPPE to create the Demand Data Hub, a central truth for national PPE and critical equipment demand.

Have a dataset request? Contact us at info@projectn95.org.