Mask Guide

At Project N95 our mission is to provide equitable access to trustworthy and quality personal protective equipment (PPE).

To help navigate the often chaotic and confusing product assortment for masks and respirators, we're making available the results from our rigorous Mask and PPE Vetting Process into an interactive, searchable guide.

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Mask Validation Process

Our Mask and PPE Validation Process entails an array of certification requirements, reference checks and quality controls :

  • Factory & Product level certifications.
  • Supplier registration, contacts, and other supporting documentation.
  • Product documentation, including photos and videos of production and products, and regulatory status (learn more here).
  • Product pricing, MOQ, availability, capacity, and lead times.
  • Customer reference checks using multiple verification points.
  • Project N95 will immediately remove any product or product-supplier from our list if the FDA or CDC revokes its admissibility, acceptance, or cleared regulatory status.

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