Comfort-Air 400Nx Black S/M
Comfort-Air 400Nx Black S/M
Size Guide Dentec 400Nx N95 mask
Comfort-Air 400Nx Black M/L
Comfort-Air 400Nx Black S/M
Comfort-Air 400Nx Black S/M
Comfort-Air 400Nx Black S/M
Comfort-Air 400Nx Black M/L
Comfort-Air 400Nx Black M/L
Comfort-Air 400Nx Black S/M
Product Details
  • Model: Small/ Medium: 4-SM-NX-N95, Medium/Large: 4-ML-NX-N95
  • Brand: Comfort Air®
  • Product Features: The bag includes a reusable 1 Half-Mask Respirator, 1 pair of N95 filters, and the required filter cover/ holder assembly to mount the filters to the half-mask.
    • Low-profile facepiece occupies less of the face while providing greater comfort.
    • Compact shape and cartridges reduce the possibility of interference with medical equipment during patient care
    • Cartridges can be adjusted into 3 different positions- improves visibility and fits under face shields
    • Will not fog glasses, goggles, or visors.
    • Replacement parts/ filters are available.
    • Reduced filter replacement- less waste!
  • Manufacturer: Dentec Safety Specialists Inc.
  • CDC NIOSH: TC-84A-9355
  • Particulate Filter Replacement: Discard filter cartridges if they become visibly soiled or wet, if they are visibly damaged, or if the respirator becomes notably harder to breathe through. Otherwise, change out the filters periodically. Provided the cartridge integrity and filter have not been compromised, current practice shows that conservatively, the filters could be used for at least one year. 

Bulk Pricing

For orders above 100 Units please reach out for a bulk order quote.

Visit the contact us page and choose "I need a bulk quote" under request type. Bulk orders may have extended lead times.

Size Guidance
  • Small/Medium - Best for adults with small faces
  • Medium/Large - Best for Most avg. to large sized adult faces
  • See Images for instructions on how to measure your face to choose the right size



Please visit the link below for more information on particulate filter placement.

Return Policy
Project N95 can only accept returns of defective merchandise. No refunds will be required if a request is made more than 5 business days following Buyer receipt of the goods, or for open or used products. If you need to return an item, please contact us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will provide you with instructions for how to return items from your order.
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Comfort Air®

Half Mask Comfort Air 400Nx N95 Masks S/M, M/L

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