Kingfa Flat Fold Blue KN95 Masks with ear loops
Box of 10 Kingfa Flat Fold Blue KN95 Masks
Kingfa Flat Fold Blue KN95 Masks with soft nose foam
Kingfa Flat Fold Blue KN95 Masks in a new more fitted size
Kingfa Flat Fold Blue KN95 Masks with GB2626-2019 labeled on the mask
Kingfa Flat Fold Blue KN95 Masks
Kingfa Flat Fold Blue KN95 Masks for medium and large faces
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This Navy Blue KN95 mask is a great option for large faces. 
    • 5-Ply Protective Layers (2 Polypropylene Non-Woven Layers, 2 Melt-blown Filter Cloths, and 1 Non-Woven Cotton Middle Layer).
    • Each Box Contains 10 Sealed KN95 Earloop Masks.
    • The adjustable nose clip is enhanced with an allergen-free foam piece, lessening the fatigue on the nose bridge.
    • The foam piece on the nose is an anti-fogging accessory for those who wear glasses.
    • The mask is available in new attractive colors including navy, charcoal gray, and pink.
    • Packaging comes in a shrink-wrapped tamper-proof bag, and box to maintain The integrity of The mask.
    • More space between the mask and the face.
    • The material used is soft and plush. The mask almost feels cushioned to an extent.
    • Extended flaps on The sides of The mask help The KN95 conform to The face better.
    • The mask has thick shoelace ear straps that are difficult to break, with double-pressed attachment points connecting the straps
    • Meets GB2626-2019 standard.
  • Dimensions: 16 cm x 12 cm (6.3 in x 4.72 in)
  • Shelf Life: 3 years 


      Meets GB2626-2019 standard




      Kingfa SCI. & TECH. CO., LTD.

      Size Guidance

      Medium/Large - This mask is a good fit for most average to large sized adult faces

      Dimension: 16 cm x 12 cm (6.3 in x 4.72 in)

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      Flat Fold KN95 Masks Blue M/L

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      Pack of 10
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