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Tips for Finding a Safe KN95 Option

When deciding on a good mask fit and filtration matter most. Finding safe KN95 options with a high filtration efficiency is important. We put tips below to help!

The Basics

  • KN95 masks are respirators that are regulated for use in the Chinese market and have become popular in the US for personal use. These masks are not currently recommended for use in healthcare settings.

Why is it hard to find a good kn95 mask?

  • Due to different regulatory requirements and counterfeiting there are a number of KN95 masks available for sale in the US that do not have a 95% filtration rate and therefore do not meet the KN95 standards.

How can I find a good option?

  • Project N95 has options up on our site including KF94, KN95, and a wide range of N95 options.
  • If you are looking specifically for a KN95 option you can also look at 3rd party testing conducted on different KN95 masks by both Armbrust and the Mask Nerd, so you can identify KN95 options available in the market that are more likely to be safe.

Potential Signs of Counterfeit KN95s and Misleading Claims

Incorrect labeling on the front of a KN95 mask is a sign of a counterfeit KN95 mask. The front of a KN95 mask should be labeled with the information below.

  • GB2626-2006 or GB2626-2019 standard
  • The manufacturer or brand name
  • If the KN95 is labeled with the GB2626-2019 standard and the manufacturer makes multiple kn95 models, then the mask should also be labeled with the model #

Having an FDA registered facility or mask is not an endorsement by the FDA of product quality and consumers should not use this information to determine if a KN95 mask is safe.

  • KN95 masks are not regulated by the US government. The FDA does not perform quality control or checks on KN95 products
  • As stated by the FDA, “When a facility registers its establishment and lists its devices, the resulting entry in the FDA's registration and listing database does not denote approval, clearance, or authorization of that facility or its medical devices.” You can learn more here

NIOSH does not approve or certify KN95 Masks. Be wary of claims that a KN95 is NIOSH approved. According to NIOSH, KN95s marketed or misrepresenting themselves as being NIOSH approved or certified “may not be capable of providing appropriate respiratory protection to workers.”

  • NIOSH is part of the CDC. You should also be cautious of claims that a KN95 mask is approved by the CDC.
  • You can learn more about this topic here