About Project N95

Project N95 is the National Critical Equipment Clearinghouse for personal protective equipment (PPE) and critical equipment. We are a rapid response, not-for-profit organization.

Frontline and healthcare organizations report their critical equipment needs and suppliers submit information about the products they have available. Then, our team conducts sourcing due diligence on all suppliers and products to accelerate provider organizations make informed procurement decisions, quickly.

Our mission

To deliver critical equipment to frontline workers as quickly as possible by driving transparency in the market and procurement best practices.

Join the team

We value diversity and are seeking people from all walks of life. If you’re interested in joining us (paid or volunteer), please submit your information below.

Open Roles

Key Partners

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Board of Directors and Advisors

Supply Chain Roundtable


Our team has deep experience in procurement, healthcare, government, and technology from around the world. We've come together from all over the world to serve the frontline.

Leadership team

Andrew Stroup is an entrepreneur and investor with expertise in software, procurement, cybersecurity, robotics, and government. He is the founder and serves as Project N95's Executive Director. He also founded LVRG, a supply chain management platform, which has donated significant technology development services to operate the marketplace. Formerly, he was an EIR at Bank of America, dir. of product for the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows, and many other things.

Anne Miller is a strategist with deep experience in healthcare. Over 20 years, she has facilitated the development of novel medical devices, surgical products, diagnostic tools, and innovations for an array of companies.

Natasha Rishi-Bohra is an experienced healthcare strategist focused on program development and transformation. She previously managed value-based care efforts at NYC DOHMH, led diverse efforts at Deloitte's Public Sector practice, and served as adjunct faculty at NYU College of Global Public Health.

Clare Pierce-Wrobel is a Sr. Director for the Health Care Transformation Task Force and adjunct faculty at George Washington University Milken School of Public Health and previously held leadership positions at HHS and CMMI.

Susan Sun is a data and technology entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in conscientious application of data science for business and social change. She has worked in a variety of fields, from academia to industry, corporate to non profit, partnering with notable thought leaders like The New York Times, CUNY, Columbia University, DataKind, Google X, and USA for UNHCR.

John Click is an innovation and logistics manager. He currently supports operations at Stanford University’s Office for Religious Life. Formerly, John worked at the Obama White House as a Information Services Operator & Advance Associate, after serving in the Obama primary & general election campaigns as a Field Organizer across 6 states.

Marilyn Levi-Baumgarten is a mission driven healthcare leader with deep experience transforming delivery systems and building strategic partnerships for provider and payer organizations. She previously was an executive at UnitedHealth Group where she led Genomics Clinical Initiatives, OptumCare Clinical Strategy and Innovation and UnitedHealthcare Quality and Cost Transparency programs.