Project N95 Guides on Masks, Tests, and PPE for Everyday People

Project N95 has been vetting personal protective equipment (PPE) since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure everything on our site is safe and effective. Take advantage of our expertise with these guides for tips and tricks on choosing the right masks, tests, and other equipment to keep yourself protected.

Let's Talk about KN95 Masks [Rectangle]

Helpful Information About N95, KN95, KF94, and surgical masks


Project N95 Large and Extra Large Mask Guide

Let's Talk about KN95 Masks [Square]

Tips for Finding a Safe KN95

Ventilation Icon with PN95 logo [orange]

Project N95 Resources and Information Regarding Ventilation

in person testing

Project N95 Holiday Testing Guide

 Long Covid PN95 Website Visual [Rectangle]

Long Covid Resources and Information

Find the right tests

Project N95 COVID-19 Testing Guide

Masks for Kids

What are the Best Mask Options for Kids? | Project N95


The Project N95 Mask Guide | Project N95

Small Mask Guide Graphic - Grey

Project N95 Small Mask Guide