Learn About KN95 Masks

Project N95 is the trusted nonprofit source for safe and authentic KN95 masks. Take advantage of our expertise in this article and learn more about our work and what you should know about KN95 masks.

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What is a KN95 mask?

KN95 masks are high-filtration face masks manufactured to a Chinese standard—currently GB 2626-2019—that is designed to block at least 95% of airborne particles.

KN95s use a self-attestation method, meaning that any company can produce these masks but must be able to prove to Chinese regulators upon request that they are compliant. KN95 masks should always have the words “KN95” and the standard “GB 2626-2019” (or "GB 2626-2006" for older masks) printed clearly on the mask itself, and may also have a model number for manufacturers who produce more than one model of KN95.

Are KN95 masks good?

Yes, KN95 masks are safe and good for the general public as long as the mask is legitimate and fits properly.

Because of the self-attestation standard and proliferation of counterfeit and non-compliant KN95 masks (particularly at the beginning of the pandemic), Project N95 carefully reviews each KN95 mask we carry on our site to ensure it is real, reliable, and safe to use. Always buy from a reputable source and be sure to check that the mask is correctly labeled.

If you're concerned a mask you have is counterfeit, read our guide about how to find safe KN95 masks.

Who should use a KN95 mask?

KN95 masks are popular for both adults and children who use masks in everyday settings. They should not be used by healthcare professionals in a medical setting.

KN95 masks almost always use ear loops and often come in the recognizable 2D flat-fold shape, meaning the mask has one fold at the front that pops out into a V-shape when worn. These masks are typically very comfortable for members of the general public. Project N95 carries a variety of sizes and colors, including some KN95 masks produced by domestic manufacturers right here in the United States.

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