Request a Mask Donation from Project N95

If you’re unable to afford high-quality respiratory protection, Project N95 may be able to help. Part of our nonprofit mission is to provide equitable access to respiratory protection. We provide high-filtration masks to individuals in need every month to the extent allowed by our inventory. These donations come from our own supply and are funded by the generosity of our donors and purchases in the Project N95 shop.

Our mask donation inventory consists of masks that have passed Project N95 vetting for quality and authenticity. We may offer N95 respirator masks, KN95 masks, and children’s masks as part of this program. Our available inventory changes regularly, so we do not supply mask donations of specific brands or models.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fill each request but will keep a waitlist if our supply is exhausted. We can only honor one request per individual or family per month.

If you represent a community organization looking for free masks, please fill out our community organization mask distribution request form.

Learn More About Masks

N95 Masks

Fully regulated by NIOSH as a workplace or medical device, N95s offer a very high level of protection and usually have head straps. They are good for healthcare workers and others concerned about exposure.

KN95 Masks

These are made to a Chinese self-attestation standard. KN95s are almost always a classic flat-fold shape that attaches with ear loops. These are great for the general public.

US High-Filtration Masks

The US response to the consumer demand for high-filtration masks, these versions focus on comfort and convenience and usually attach with ear-loops. They good for members of the general public at all ages