Frequently Asked Questions


What does Project N95 do?

Project N95 is the National Critical Equipment Clearinghouse for personal protective equipment (PPE), COVID-19 diagnostic tests and critical equipment. In the sometimes chaotic PPE market we serve as a trusted and transparent resource, with established partnerships, comprehensive vetting processes and a mission to get PPE to people who need it as quickly as possible.

We enable group purchases and manage last mile distribution for organizations seeking to buy smaller quantities, which keeps costs low and helps frontline workers avoid having to meet suppliers’ minimum order quantities. These services are the essence of our nonprofit mission.

We also work to support communities within and outside the U.S. who are experiencing shortages of the vital medical equipment they need to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with trusted partners we recently delivered critical equipment including N95 respirators, exam gloves and ventilators to frontline healthcare workers and hospitals throughout India.

How can Project N95 help my business reopen and stay open?

Reopening and staying open safely is a challenge for many businesses. The Project N95 Shop not only has a wide selection of the products you need to reopen, you will also find the information you need to find the right test. For mid to large companies, a testing service can provide a turnkey option for reopening and staying open safely.

I don’t understand the difference between types of COVID-19 tests.

Find the right test for your situation with this quick guide, then shop the Project N95 selection of vetted, quality COVID-19 tests here.

What do the different statuses (like NIOSH or FDA clearance) mean?

See this page for more information on regulatory statuses.

We’d like to partner with you.

Please email our partnerships team at and someone will be in touch. If you are affiliated with state, local, or federal government, please email us at

I’d like to volunteer.

That’s fantastic! We’re a volunteer-driven team. Check out our open roles page to see what roles are available. You can also fill out our general volunteer form and our team will be in touch.


I want to Donate PPE.

For companies:

Thank you for your generous offer to donate PPE! To facilitate this, you can email us at

I am concerned about providing sensitive/secure information.

We appreciate your concerns about privacy. Our objective is to shine a light on quality suppliers so that we can make it easier for people to buy needed and trusted PPE.

Project N95 asks for the detailed product information to verify that your company and its products are legitimate and meet US regulatory standards. Project N95 will not make this information public, although we share it with qualified organizations and governments seeking to purchase these products.


Why do you carry KN95 masks in the Project N95 shop?

Effective July 6th, 2021, the FDA revoked Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for certain respirators. This revocation included all KN95 masks, which are manufactured to the Chinese standard GB2626 versus a U.S. standard.

KN95s were temporarily authorized by the FDA for use by medical workers during the pandemic in response to severe nationwide shortages of N95 respirators. Now that sufficient supply of N95s exists and accessibility has improved, KN95 masks have now been removed from the EUA list.

While the FDA has revoked its EUA for KN95 masks, it does not mean that these respirators are not adequate for consumer use, only that they are no longer appropriate for healthcare workers given the abundant supply of N95 respirators. The revocation of the EUA for KN95 masks is a result of an increase in supply of N95 respirators for healthcare workers; it does not reflect any change in the efficacy or filtration of the KN95 masks. We will continue to offer vetted KN95 masks in the Project N95 Shop specifically for non-medical consumer use. Our mission is to make personal protective equipment accessible to as many people as possible so they can live and work safely in their communities. Providing a variety of PPE that meets the needs of different individuals in different circumstances is an important part of that mission.

My organization needs supplies, can you tell me more?

Please visit the Project N95 Shop to see supplies that are currently available and to make purchases. If you are in need of other supplies, please contact us through our Contact page or call us at (205) 528-3060.

What Is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Project N95 does not have a minimum order quantity. Please visit our shop to see the varying package sizes of products and suppliers.

I need specific information on masks, respirators or other types of PPE

The Project N95 Shop provides detailed information about different types of masks and PPE, and how to choose the best mask for your specific situation.

Donor Support

Are you a non-profit?

Yes, Project N95 is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, EIN 85-0570065. All donations are tax deductible.

Can I make a monetary donation?

Yes, and thank you for thinking of us. Your support to Project N95 is tax deductible to the maximum extent provided by law, as no goods or services have been provided as consideration for your gift. Project N95 is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and has exclusive legal control over the contributed funds or assets. Our EIN is 85-0570065. Please visit our Donate page to make your contribution. You can also support our work when you shop at Amazon. Select Project N95 as your favorite charity and Amazon will donate a portion of your sales at no cost to you.

I’d like to extend a grant to Project N95.

We're honored that you're considering us! Please send an email to and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

What is your donor privacy policy?

Project N95 respects your privacy. When you make a financial or in-kind donation, we collect your name and contact information in order to provide updates on the impact of your contributions and to be able to communicate with you. Project N95 will not sell, share, or trade donors’ personally identifiable information with any other entity. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.