What to Know About KF94 Masks

Project N95 is the trusted nonprofit source for safe and authentic KF94 face masks. Take advantage of our expertise in this article and learn more about our work and what you should know about KF94 masks.

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What is a KF94 face mask?

KF94 masks—KF for "Korean Filter" and "94" for 94% filtration efficiency—were developed to help protect the Korean public against the notorious yellow dust that originates from the dry desert regions of inland Asia.

KF94 masks are subject to regulation by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (sometimes know by its former abbreviation of "KFDA" for Korean Food and Drug Administration) and acceptable for use by the public in the United States as source control during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KF94 vs. KN95: What's the difference?

A KF94 is manufactured to a different regulatory standard from a KN95, but the important difference is that any KF94 mask must be approved for sale in the Korean market. That means KF94 masks are heavily regulated by the South Korean government—the mask must “prove” it can meet the standard before it is sold.

KN95 masks, on the other hand, use a self-attestation method, meaning that anyone can manufacture them (but must be able to prove they meet those standards upon request by Chinese regulators).

Are KF94 masks good?

Yes, KF94 masks are safe to use and good for the general public, although it is important to buy from a trusted source and make sure the mask fits properly.

Each KF94 mask in the Project N95 shop has full MFDS approval in addition to undergoing our own comprehensive review to ensure proper chain of custody and supply.

Who should use a KF94 mask?

KF94 masks are an excellent high-filtration option for a wide range of the general population. Because the KF94 standard was meant for public use, the masks are consumer friendly and available in many different sizes (including for very young children), styles, patterns, and colors.

KF94 masks almost always use ear loops with an adjustable nose piece and often come in the 3D boat-shape style, meaning the mask has three folds that pop-out into a boat-like form when you wear it. This tends to allow for a versatile fit across a variety of face shapes and sizes, and may also feel more breathable than other options because of the extra room inside the mask.

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