The All Products Guide

The Project N95 nonprofit shop has closed. It has been our honor to serve during this moment in history. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

The end of the COVID public health emergency doesn't mean the end of respiratory protection—it's still important to stay safe with high-filtration masks, air quality products, and other equipment.

To help you access highly-protective, authentic protection, we have maintained a list of products that we previously vetted. Each item has a link to a third-party website—not controlled or operated by Project N95—where you can purchase these products. These links are current as of January 31st, 2024.

N95 Masks

NIOSH strongly regulates the fit, filtration, production, and labeling of N95 respirator masks to ensure they are safe for medical, industrial, and general use.

1096246 - Demetech - Flat Fold DT-N95-FH N95 Masks M L, Pack of 20

KN95 Masks

Manufactured to a the Chinese GB 2626-2019 standard, KN95 masks are a common high-filtration mask for use by the general public.

KF94 Masks

Designed to protect the Korean public from dust storms, KF94 Masks are regulated by Korean authorities and popular for their consumer-friendly designs, sizes, and styles.

US High-Filtration Masks

In response to KF94 and KN95 masks, US High-Filtration Masks are consumer-friendly masks that typically come with ear loops.

1096625 - Protective Health Gear - Kids Coral 3900-Small High Filtration Mask