Person Spreading Arms and Breathing Fresh Air Above Yosemite Valley by Jason Hogan - Full Landscape

Donate to Clean Air for All

Everyone deserves a breath of fresh air. You can help.

Clean, healthy air is critical for our well-being, learning, and overall quality of life. We want to make cleaner indoor air a reality for everyone, and you can help!

For millions of people—including students and teachers, people who are elderly, individuals living with immune compromised health conditions, those living and working in socioeconomically challenged communities, and many others—clean indoor air is not the norm.

Research shows that cleaner air results in a myriad of benefits: improvements in physical health, school and work attendance, learning and academic performance, and emotional wellness, just to name a few.

Project N95 has recently donated nearly 300 simple, low-cost air purifiers to schools in underserved communities. We intend to donate no fewer than 1,000 additional air purifier units to qualifying schools and nonprofit organizations across the country throughout 2023.

Your generosity is essential to our goal. We intend to raise at least $2,500 in charitable donations by October 20th, 2023, to help fund our Clean Air for All program.

We invite you to join the Clean Air for All campaign today and show your support for enabling healthier indoor air for communities in need. Let's make a difference together!

Project N95 is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that empowers people and communities by enabling equitable access to healthy air.