The Project N95 Mask Guide

Use This Quick Guide to Understand What Masks Are Available And Which One is Right for You

DemeTECH DT-N95-FH NIOSH Respirator & Box

Flat Fold N95

Easy to throw on. Quickly Conforms to your face.

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GERSON Cup N95 Respirators - 1730

Cup N95 Masks

This is a Traditional Fit that has a little bit more space than the flat fold mask for extra breathing room

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Comfort Duckbill N95 Masks

Comfort Duckbill N95 Masks

Duckbill masks have a large pocket, which provides extra breathing space. These masks are created to fit a large number of face shapes and are a great universal option when purchasing for a group.

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3 Ply Surgical Masks

3 Ply Surgical Masks

These masks are rated as ASTM Level 1, 2, or 3. These are disposable face masks that provide greater than 95% BFE and PFE and a minimum on 80 mm HG of fluid resistance. Great for Option for double masking or having available for people entering your place of business.

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N95s and KN95s

KN95 Masks

Kn95 masks are high filtration masks designed for the Chinese market and intended to fit closely to the wearer’s face. These are best used in non healthcare settings.

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