What are the Best Mask Options for Kids?

When it comes to picking the right mask for your kid, fit and filtration matter the most. We put together a quick guide to help you choose the right type of mask for your child.

Masks for Kids

Kids Flat Fold High Filtration Mask - White - Demetech

Are you looking for a Versatile Mask that Fits a Variety of Kids

Try a High Filtration Flat Fold Kids Masks

These masks are designed to fit snugly against your child’s face and provide a high level of filtration. When it comes to masks, fit matters. Flat fold masks are available in multiple sizes to fit both elementary aged and preschool aged kids.

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Kids Boat Shaped KF94 Mask - White - Dr. Puri Mask

Are you Looking for a More Breathable Mask that your Child Can Wear All Day?

Try a High Filtration Boat Shaped KF94 Mask

Boat shaped masks are designed with a large breathing pocket. This makes the mask more breathable and keeps the air your child breathes feeling cooler because of the pocket in the front of the mask. Even better these masks are available in variety of colors and sizes.

You can click here to view kids sized options available through Project N95

Demetech Kids Surgical Mask - Green

Are You Looking for a Mask Option that Your Kid Can Wear Underneath Their Favorite Cloth Mask?

Try a High Filtration 3 Ply Mask

These disposable masks are a popular option for double masking. Your child can wear these underneath their favorite tight fitting cloth mask for an extra layer of protection. High filtration 3 ply masks are designed to provide greater than 95% BFE and PFE and a minimum of 80 mm HG of fluid resistance. We only offer 3 ply disposable mask options that are tested to meet ASTM Level 1, 2, or 3 standards.

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N95s and KN95s

Do you have an older kid or teen that is out of the age range for most kids masks?

N95s, KN95s, & KF94s are all great options

We have plenty of high filtration N95s, KN95s, & KF94s available for teens who have outgrown the average kids sized masks.

Our favorite options for smaller faces include the Protective Health Gear 5160 Flat Fold N95 and the Small Readi Mask 1902S N95.

The Black and White Powecom KN95s are also a popular option for teens who are now able to wear an adult sized mask.

Finally, when thinking about finding the right KF94 for your teen that is still growing, we recommend trying out styles with adjustable straps. These masks are versatile and fit a large range of face shapes and sizes.