Testing Services - Safely Reopening Businesses

Changing mandates. Evolving guidance. The environment is more uncertain for business than ever before. For help quickly implementing an automated, streamlined testing solution designed to keep your employees and customers safe, Primary.Health's testing services are your answer.

Testing services provide an end-to-end solution that allow you to reopen - and stay open - while preventing the spread of COVID-19. The size of your business, event or organization will dictate which testing service is right for you and we are here to help you find that solution.

Project N95 is partnering with Primary.Health to provide a full package solution to run efficient testing programs at any scale. Designed to meet urgent needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Primary.Health is a comprehensive, low-barrier software that will help you streamline and automate your testing programs. Whether you are a large event venue, clinic, school district, or corporate office building, Primary is ready to help design and implement an efficient testing program!

Who we partner with

Interested in becoming a partner? Below are some examples of the types of organizations we work with.

  • Governments at all levels to support their community's PPE and critical medical supply needs
  • Domestic Manufacturing to support American retooling and knowledge sharing
  • Healthcare associations to understand and address their members’ critical equipment and sourcing needs
  • Public health stakeholders to advance thought leadership and policy recommendations
  • Businesses to accelerate supplier vetting and delivery of critical equipment to the frontline
  • Philanthropy to support equitable distribution of PPE to vulnerable and at-risk communities
  • COVID-19 response ecosystem partners by sharing data and best practices to allow PPE supply chains to respond to demand
  • Technology companies to support execution of our mission

Frequently Asked Questions