ACI Surgical 3120 N95 Respirators-(USA), Package of 50
ACI Surgical 3120 N95 Respirators-(USA), Package of 50
ACI Surgical 3120 N95 Respirators-(USA), Package of 50
ACI Surgical 3120 N95 Respirators-(USA), Package of 50
ACI 10 Pack 3120 N95 in easy to carry pouch
ACI 10 Pack 3120 N95 with super comfortable headstraps
Product Details

Made in the USA with globally-sourced materials.

  • The ACI N95 is a surgical N95 with approval for use in Healthcare Settings by NIOSH and FDA. It is manufactured in the USA using globally sourced materials.
  • ASTM F1862 Level 3 Fluid Resistance – Highest Level of Protection (160 mmHg)
  • More comfortable, lightweight head strap materials reduce discomfort from tight head straps
  • Flexible contoured nosepiece and duckbill design, allows for custom fit to a variety of different face sizes and shapes.
  • Flat pouched design provides cooler breathing chamber
  • Non-abrasive comfort layer provides excellent moisture management
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Concept Innovations (ACI)
  • Expiration Date: 3 year shelf life from the date of manufacture

    Contact customer service for orders over 300 surgical respirators.

    Special or critical User Instructions and/or specific use limitations apply. Refer to User Instructions before donning.
  • This respirator has been approved as a NIOSH N95 filtering facepiece respirator, for use in healthcare settings, as a surgical N95 respirator conforming to recognized standards for biocompatibility, flammability, and fluid resistance.
    Before occupational use of this respirator, a written respiratory protection program must be implemented meeting all the local government requirements. In the United States, employers must comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 which includes medical evaluation, training, and fit testing.

Size Guidance

Universal Size/ One Size Fits Most - This mask has a versatile fit that is a great option for a variety of faces sizes and shapes. Great for people with small all the way up to extra large faces


CDC NIOSH: TC-84A-9318



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ACI (Advanced Concept Innovations)

Duckbill 3120 N95 Masks Universal

Pack of 10, 50
One Size Fits Most
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