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Softseal large 3d NIOSH N95 respirator mask, no valve, box of 10.  Features a 360° silicone seal that gently molds to your face, maintaining the seal even while speaking or moving.  As you inhale, the thin, feathered edge of the silicone seal tightens to your face. Ultrasonically welded 4-point adjustable head strap with no staples. Molded adjustable nose clip for the perfect fit. The internal skeleton prevents mask collapse while breathing & improves durability.  No fog design keeps goggles & glasses fog-free. Flame and fluid penetration resistant. Good for welding. Fine particulate filters:≥ 99% BFE @ 3 microns, ≥ 99% PFE @ 0.1 micron, ≥ 95% NACL @ 0.3 micron. Used anywhere that N95 respirators are required (e.g., filtering 0.3 micron particles).  Ideal for industrial and home applications like dry walling, wood sanding & cutting, gardening, fiberglass insulation, agricultural grain, hay dust, and fertilizing. Provides protection against pollen, pet dander, airborne bacteria, molds & viruses including H1N1 and swine flu, allergens, smoke, ash, soot & fine particle air pollution.  Meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control.

  • Unique patented design with a full 360° silicone seal for the perfect fit protection.
  • Soft silicone seal protects your skin during prolonged use and contains no natural latex.
  • A silicone seal prevents glasses and goggles from fogging up and stays sealed while you work, breathe and speak
  • Adjustable nose clip for the ultimate comfortable fit
  • The crushproof internal layer prevents mask collapse while breathing and working.
  • 4-point, adjustable tensioning head straps are ultrasonically welded without staple holes that leak.
  • Fluid and flame resistant and good for welding
  • Fine particulate filters: ≥ 99% BFE @ 3 micron ≥ 99% PFE @ 0.1 micron ≥ 95% NACL @ 0.3 micron
  • Used anywhere that n95 respirators are required (e.g., filtering 0.3 micron particles) and when higher protection is needed against airborne viruses and TB.
  • Ideal for industrial and home applications. Welding, dry walling, wood sanding and cutting, gardening, fiberglass insulation, agricultural grain, and hay dust, fertilizing, and protection against mold, pollen, and pet dander.

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    Adjustable Nose Clip: Yes | Individually Packaged: No | Shelf Life: Use by date printed on the package


    NIOSH: TC-84A-8449 Flame And Fluid Penetration Resistant, good for welding. Fine Particulate Filters:≥ 99% BFE @ 3 Micron, ≥ 99% PFE @ 0.1 Micron, ≥ 95% Nacl @ 0.3 Micron. Used Anywhere That N95 Respirators Are Required (E.G., Filtering 0.3 Micron Particles). Ideal For Industrial And Home Applications Like Dry Walling, Wood Sanding & Cutting, Gardening, Fiberglass Insulation, Agricultural Grain, Hay Dust And Fertilizing. Provides Protection Against Pollen, Pet Dander, Airborne Bacteria, Molds & Viruses Including H1N1 And Swine Flu, Allergens, Smoke, Ash, Soot & Fine Particle Air Pollution. Meets CDC Guidelines For TB Exposure Control.

    Size Guidance
    • Small - Best for extra small/petite faces
    • Extra Large - This popular N95 Mask is a favorite for people with extra large faces
    • Product Dimensions: Height - 4.75 in; Width - 4.25 in; Depth - 2.35 in


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    Soft Seal Cup 20180022 N95 Mask M, L, XL

    Pack of 10
    Pack of 10
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