The people at Project N95 are the heart and soul of the organization who enables us to deliver on our mission.

We're constantly looking for empathy-driven, action-oriented individuals who can unlock, enable, and accelerate one another. Project N95 consists of both paid staff and volunteers. Learn more about Project N95 on our About page.

Our values

The Project N95 team continues to grow and evolve to support our mission, which is reflected in our shared values:

  • People first
  • Trusted resource
  • Transparency
  • Equitable distribution

If our mission and values align with yours, please reach out and join us. Thank you from the entire Project N95 team.

Open Staff Positions

These reflect the most critical roles that we need filled to accomplish our mission.

Finance (4)
Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable Clerk (Part Time - flexible hours): The Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable clerk would function as a critical team member on the Finance team. As ProjectN95 has recently become a formal non-profit, formalizing our accounting processes and streamlining them across all teams is critical as the Project continues to grow and source PPE. This role will work with the Finance Lead to develop processes, create playbooks for reference, restructure current refund methods, and contribute to financial planning for the organization. Candidates do not need to have healthcare industry experience, but non-profit specific experience is preferred. We are in need of someone who can work part-time (evenings/weekends okay), flexible hours depending on availability, comfortable navigating in ambiguity, and a true team player.
Corporate Development Associate (Part Time - specific shifts): This person will work under our Finance team and cross-functionally serve our Marketplace teams (Frontline and Sourcing) to build and align on sustainable business initiatives. Candidates should have experience in development and implementation of corporate business initiatives. Experience in a non-profit is preferred. This candidate will have some flexibility in their schedule to attend some remote weekday meetings, but the bulk of the work can be done during off-hours (evening and/or weekend). Part-time flexibility would be preferred.
Financial Analyst (Part Time - flexible hours): The Financial Analyst will work as a member of our Finance team, putting in place financial controls that will prepare us for future audits and help to streamline the various ad hoc processes across teams. Non-profit expertise is preferred and experience preparing financial documents is required. This position is flexible in availability needs (nights and weekends are okay).
Financial Planning and Analysis Associate (Part Time - flexible hours): As ProjectN95 continues to grown and expand outside of healthcare into education and other industries, we are seeking to add expertise in FP&A to bring financial stability and sustainability to our strategy. ProjectN95 interacts with a variety of organizations with different streams of funding from Foundations to Individual donors in addition to financial relationships with suppliers and buyers through our online Marketplace. We are seeking someone with FP&A experience supporting planning across multiple operating and support units with the enterprise. Management consulting focused on long-term strategy and planning could also supplement for that experience. Persons who are interested in contributing to a good cause, working on a quickly growing dynamic team should apply! This role will be incredibly flexible in terms of needed availability.
Comms & Development (6)
Communications Associate, Social Media (Part Time - flexible hours): Looking for a volunteer comfortable and experienced with social media including posting, monitoring for follow up comments and activity and reporting regularly on metrics. Great role for someone who is looking to volunteer on a flexible schedule!
Copywriter and Content (Full Time): Our communications team is looking for an experienced copywriter volunteer to help us hone our messaging and create content for the blog and other platforms.
Designer (Part Time - flexible hours): We're looking for talented designers to help tell our story in a visually compelling way. The ideal candidate is passionate about design and its impact. We're looking for someone who has experience working collaboratively in a fast-paced mission driven environment. (If this sounds like you, we'd love to see your portfolio!)
Development Associate (Communications) (Part Time - flexible hours): We're looking for volunteers with experience in: grant writing and nonprofit fundraising. We need folks with prior nonprofit experience. That could be in reaching out to major donors or dealing with campaigns (like Giving Tuesday). The more hands-on knowledge they have the better. We need folks who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get stuff done.
UX/UI Designer (Part Time - flexible hours): We're looking for talented designers to help tell our story in a visually compelling way & ensuring strong user interface experience for our online customers. The ideal candidate is passionate about design and its impact. We're looking for someone who has experience working collaboratively in a fast-paced mission driven environment. (If this sounds like you, we'd love to see your UX deck!)
Video Content Creator (Part Time - flexible hours): PN95 is looking for a volunteer experienced in video editing and content creation to help our communications team on some new projects. Volunteering hours are flexible (weeknights and weekends are okay)!
Frontline (3)
Customer Relationship Managers (Part Time - flexible hours): Our Customer Relationship Managers are our primary customer-facing representatives working with those on the frontline during this COVID crisis. CRMs work to aid customers through concerns or barriers and any other questions that may arise. Candidates should be comfortable learning new technologies (Twilio is our main platofrm for flex phone lines). CRMs staff messaging services and phone lines to support frontline workers and build relationships along the way.
Verification Lead (Full Time): Verification Lead
Volunteer Training Project Manager (Part Time - specific shifts): Seeking a volunteer to assist with the on-boarding and training of new volunteers to the Frontline team. This person will align with best practices in workforce management to standardize standard operating procedures and training materials to fully integrate new volunteers. Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills and daytime availability.
Engineering & Data (2)
Backend Engineer (Full Time): We're looking for a full-time backend engineer with data engineering experience, who is biased towards action and able to implement solutions quickly and effectively. Our team uses a mix of platforms, tools, technology, and languages. We're looking for someone one who can work with technical and non-technical team members to understand their requirements. **Data Engineer Responsibilities:** - Develops and maintains scalable data pipelines and builds out new API integrations to support continuing increases in data volume and complexity. - Collaborates with analytics and business teams to improve data models that feed business intelligence tools, increasing data accessibility and fostering data-driven decision making across the organization. - Implements processes and systems to monitor data quality, ensuring production data is always accurate and available for key stakeholders and business processes that depend on it. - Writes unit/integration tests, contributes to engineering wiki, and documents work. - Performs data analysis required to troubleshoot data related issues and assist in the resolution of data issues. - Works closely with a team of frontend and backend engineers, product managers, and analysts. - Defines company data assets (data models), spark, sparkSQL, and hiveSQL jobs to populate data models. - Designs data integrations and data quality framework. - Designs and evaluates open source and vendor tools for data lineage. - Works closely with all business units and engineering teams to develop strategy for long term data platform architecture.
Frontend Engineer (Full Time): We are in search of a frontend engineer to help us rapidly iterate on our website and clearly convey information to our audience. Familiarity with Javascript and Ruby is a huge plus. Our team uses a mix of platforms, tools, technology, and languages. We're looking for someone one who can work with technical and non-technical team members to understand their requirements and implement solutions that accelerate our work.
Partnerships (1)
Development Associate, Representation (Part Time - flexible hours): We are seeking a volunteer to assist in our efforts to expand our reach to underrepresented groups across the US. ProjectN95 recognizes that COVID has exacerbated the health access gap in our country, and a small way of counteracting that is ensuring equal access to protective equipment for whoever needs it, including community health centers. This volunteer will work on pursuing initiatives that extend the reach of ProjectN95 to those underserved communities. Candidates should have some outreach and/or development experience, comfortable working cross-functionally and strong interpersonal skills. Candidates experienced in working with vulnerable communities and/or a background in healthy equity or community organizing preferred. Part-time availability is preferred, but can be off hours (weeknights and weekends).
Sourcing (2)
Marketplace UX/UI Designer (Part Time - flexible hours): We're looking for talented designers to help tell our story in a visually compelling way & ensuring strong user interface experience for our online customers. The ideal candidate is passionate about design and its impact. We're looking for someone who has experience working collaboratively in a fast-paced mission driven environment. (If this sounds like you, we'd love to see your UX deck!)
Supplier Vetting Associates (Inbound) - PT (Part Time - flexible hours): The sourcing team is the core of our operation. We're looking for detail-oriented volunteers, who are able to quickly learn and implement our due diligence protocol to add more vetted suppliers to our list. If spreadsheets make your heart sing, we'd love to hear from you.
Marketplace (1)
Site Merchandiser (Full Time): At Project N95 we are focused on getting Safe high quality PPE into the hands of front line workers. As a site merchandiser at Project N95 you will be able to help us break down barriers to people getting high quality ppe by helping us set up an e-commerce site/ marketplace that is easy for buyers to navigate and understand.We are looking for people to help us load products onto our site and help with the management of these goods. If you have a background in Retail, e-commerce, or business analytics then you could be a great fit for this role. That being said, anyone who is able to balance attention to detail with the overall organizational mission would be able to help out and make an impact in this role. - Work with marketplace/ e-commerce team leadership to create a positive experience for buyers coming to Project N95 who are in need of PPE - Help ensure that supplier product entries are accurate, clearly displayed, and easy for buyers without experience purchasing PPE to understand - Escalate questions about product quality to the sourcing team to ensure that the entries on our site are accurate - Recommend opportunities to improve supplier images and product details by researching product displays on other websites, using subjective measures, and reviewing sales data to identify items that are under performing to expectations - Assist in loading new products onto the site for marketplace suppliers and special events - Utilize website capabilities to help with creating optimized product displays and to build out special events and promotions - Help out marketplace team with entering special event pricing and shipping information for products on the Project N95 site - Identify opportunities to market specific items together in special collections, so that our buyers can easily find the right products for their specific needs
Operations (1)
Tech Support (Full Time): Looking for volunteers to assist us in technical support for the Project. Some weekday hours would be preferred to accommodate the bulk of volunteer hours. Experience with our platforms is preferred, but not required (Airtable, Twilio, Intercom, G-suite, Slack). Looking for part-time availability, off hours is also okay (weeknight/ weekend). Computer science students are also welcome to apply!
People Ops (4)
Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Officers (Part Time - flexible hours): PN95 understands that making our mission accessible to underserved groups and doing our part to counteract the health gap exacerbated due to COVID means building a diverse and inclusive space for our volunteers that are representative of the communities we are and will serve. We are looking to bring on volunteers with expertise in implementing best practices for building a diverse and inclusive workspace- both external and internal. Candidates should have some professional experience and ability to work cross-functionally with many different groups of people. Candidates should have a passion for helping others, part-time availability that can be any combination of hours (weekday/weeknight/weekend).
Outreach and Recruitment Project Manager (Part Time - flexible hours): Oversees all aspects of external recruitment and outreach across teams including aiding recruitment for the internship program. Team member is responsible for strategic recruitment initiatives, metrics around candidate applications and involvement. - Develops a plan for strategic recruitment - Works with VMT and team leads to identify gaps in talent and plans for attracting that talent - Leads effort in building a pipeline of candidates - Works on DEI efforts related to external recruitment and retention
People Ops (Full Time): Leads recruiting and filling volunteer roles. Structure, org culture. **Management Responsibilities:** - Supports company operations by maintaining project systems and supervising volunteer team. - Maintains operations by organizing office operations and procedures, preparing payroll, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply requisitions, and assigning and monitoring clerical functions. - Provides historical reference by defining procedures for retention, protection, retrieval, transfer, and disposal of records. - Designs and implements Project N95 policies by establishing standards and procedures, measuring results against standards, and making necessary adjustments. - Completes operational requirements by scheduling and assigning team members and following up on work results. - Keeps management informed by reviewing and analyzing special reports, summarizing information, and identifying trends. - Maintains office team by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training key intermediary leadership employees. - Maintains team results by coaching, counseling, and giving feedback to team members, and planning, monitoring, and appraising results. **Recruiting / Screening Responsibilities:** - Conducts employment related research and assists recruitment team with electronic and other methods of sourcing of qualified candidates. - Assists recruitment team with customized screening and initial contact of applicants to determine qualification and interest level. - Refers appropriate candidates to recruiter and/or hiring supervisor. - Provides support coordination of recruitment projects and related services to supervisors, hiring managers, recruitment team members, and others. - Participates in and provides analytical support in design, development, and implementation of recruitment projects and programs. - Attends and participates in job fairs, non-profit community activities, and other public recruitment-related events, forums, webinars, etc. - Represents and promotes organization to potential applicants by providing information, responding to questions, and collecting applicant data. - Develops and maintains general familiarity with immigration and re-certification process and responds to inquiries related to immigration and re-certification. - Assists with identifying issues affecting recruitment and implementing recruitment activities to continuously improve process. **Human-Resources-Specific Responsibilities:** - Supports human resources processes by administering tests, scheduling appointments, conducting orientation, maintaining records and information. - Substantiates applicants’ skills by administering and scoring tests, where applicable. - Schedules examinations by coordinating appointments. - Welcomes new team members to the organization by conducting and/or supporting orientation. - Provides payroll information by collecting time and attendance records. - Submits team member data reports by assembling, preparing, and analyzing data. - Maintains employee information by entering and updating employment and status-change data. - Provides secretarial support by entering, formatting, and printing information in the Operations Airtable Base - Organizes workflows, collaboration, & management throughout Project N95 in regular 1:1s throughout the organization. - Maintains employee confidence and protects operations by keeping human resource information confidential. - Maintains quality service by following organization standards.
Volunteer Management Team (Part Time - flexible hours): Seeking candidates with experience in volunteer management in a start-up non-profit environment to help us recruit and train volunteers. This role needs someone who loves talking with people and finding a role that fits their skillset best. Some daytime hours are preferred, but off-hours (evenings and weekends) are also okay! If you are a people person and believe in our mission, we would love to hear from you!

Looking to Volunteer?

Below are skill sets that we need most urgently.

  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Project Management
  • Partnerships
  • HR and Volunteer Management
  • Press, Media, and Comms (Internal and External)
  • Design and Creative (Brand)
  • Data Science and Engineering
  • IT and Operations Support
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