Project N95 Small Mask Guide

Finding a smaller sized mask that fits can be a difficult task. We have compiled this list of small masks to help you find a mask that will work for you.

Protective Health Gear 5160 N95 Front 3Q View Mask Only

Best Flat Fold N95s for Small Faces

  • The Protective Health Gear 5160 N95 is a versatile mask option that fits well on petite, small, & medium sized faces. It has a comfortable inner layer and has been a favorite of people with smaller sized faces since we began offering it on the Project N95 site last spring
  • The Demetech Flat Fold DT-N95-FHS is a smaller sized version of the Demetech flat fold N95. It is a great choice for people looking for a standard sized mask with shorter head straps
  • The Champak Flat Fold PC520M Adjustable N95 is a super comfortable mask option for people with small faces. The adjustable head straps help you to get a customized fit, plus the soft pleated material and nylon headstraps make this one of the most comfortable masks on the market.
Dr. Puri Black Medium KF94

Best KF94 for Petite Faces

Comfort Duckbill N95 Masks

Best N95 Masks with a Universal Fit

  • The Gerson 3230 & 3230+ comfort N95 masks fit well on petite and extra large faces. These versatile masks are a great option when you need a mask that will work for a diverse group of people. They are also lightweight and super breathable. Other options similar to the Gerson include the ACI 3120 N95 and the Blox BLX-9501 N95.
  • The ReadiMask 1902S N95 is a unique small sized mask option that adheres directly to your face. This is a great choice if you are looking for a strap free mask
  • The 3M 9205+ Aura N95 masks are also a great option for people with smaller faces because of their versatile design. The masks have a large breathing pocket because of the mask's tri-fold design, which makes them a good option for anyone looking for a breathable mask.
Kids Wearing Masks Outside

Best Masks for Kids