Project N95 Large and Extra Large Mask Guide

A high-filtration mask has to fit snugly on the face to provide its full level of protection. That can be a challenge for anybody, but especially for people with large or extra large faces. That's why we've put together this list of great options to help you find the fit, size, and style that you need to stay safe

Aidway Gray N95 Mask

Best Flat Fold N95 Masks for Extra Large Faces

The Aidway N95 mask is a great N95 mask option for people with larger faces. This mask is taller than most of the flat folds masks currently carried on the Project N95 site. If you find that most masks slide off your nose or get bunched up, this mask can help to solve some of these problems. The padded nose foam also helps relieve pressure from your face.

The AOK Tooling XL N95 Mask is made specifically for people with extra large faces and comes with adjustable head straps to allow you to achieve a custom fit. This mask also has a comfortable silicone seal around the nose that's great for extended wear.

Best N95 Masks with a Universal Fit

The ACI duckbill N95 mask is another great option for people with large faces and is a favorite for people looking for a mask with comfortable head straps.

What makes this mask so great is that it truly has a universal fit—if you need to buy one mask that can work for a wide range of people, this is an excellent choice. Plus, the head straps are made with a unique, lightweight material that is much more stretchy and comfortable than the traditional rubber found on most other N95 respirators.