Holiday Guide

Question: How can I reduce my risk of getting Covid this Holiday Season?

Answer: We are all hoping to safely see family and friends this holiday season. While there is no perfect way to 100% guarantee protection from getting Covid, you can take steps to help prevent transmission by following a “layered approach” to keeping you and those around you safe.

Update: There is a lot of uncertainty right now about the increased spread of the Omicron variant. The good news is that the same tools we have been using to combat the pandemic for the past two years are effective against this new variant.

Stay Home if you are Sick

If you have symptoms and feel sick, avoid holiday gatherings.

Get Vaccinated

If you are already vaccinated be sure to get your booster shot! If you aren’t vaccinated check out these resources to learn more about the vaccine. It’s never too late to get the shot. Want to understand the Basics of the Covid Vaccine - Click here to learn about the benefits of getting vaccinated. Pregnant or breastfeeding - Learn more about the effects of the vaccine here.

Wear a Mask Indoors

Wear a mask indoors when you are in public spaces, do not know the vaccination status of those around you, or when in crowded spaces with poor ventilation. Not sure what mask is right for you? Check out our mask guide & kids mask guide to learn about different types of masks.

Ventilate your space

When you have visitors in your home, you can further reduce risk by adding layers of ventilation.You can use this interactive ventilation tool from the CDC to see how different types of ventilation can reduce the risk of transmission in your home.

Test Before You Gather

Taking a test before gathering with family and friends can help reduce the chance that someone at your event will be carrying covid. Our holiday testing guide breaks out the types of tests available and gives tips on how soon before an event you will need to take each type of test.

Additional Considerations

Determine what you are comfortable with

Before you start attending events this holiday season, consider what risks you are willing to take and what risks you are not comfortable with. If you are planning to visit family that are unvaccinated or immunocompromised, you may want to take additional precautions to ensure that you do not inadvertently spread covid to your loved ones.

Set Clear Boundaries

Now that you have determined what you are comfortable with, you should stick to your plan. Let your family know ahead of time what your boundaries are.

Have a Back Up Plan

If you are a host or attendee, think about having a back up plan in place in case someone gets sick before your gathering. Have some tupperware available if you are hosting, so your attendees can pick up food if they are feeling under the weather. Then invite them to join you on zoom!