GORUCK and Project N95 Partner to Get PPE to Frontline Workers


Brooklyn, NY (December 14, 2020) — GORUCK and Project N95 have joined forces to deliver critically needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare and frontline workers, filling an urgent need during the COVID-19 pandemic. A portion of GORUCK's donation delivered more than 400 respirators to Harlem United in New York City. Among other services, Harlem United provides frontline healthcare through almost 24,000 medical visits per year in its community health centers.

GORUCK, an American company with Special Forces roots based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is making a donation to the Project N95 mission through a “buy one, give one” opportunity offered to its customer community. Their collective generosity will help healthcare workers on the frontlines in New York and around the country stay safe.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on supply and distribution channels and because of a spike in demand, many individual physicians, small offices and frontline workers have been unable to order PPE through normal means at reasonable prices and quantities. Project N95, a national not-for-profit critical equipment clearinghouse, has stepped in to fill this urgent need. Those looking for PPE can acquire it through this Marketplace, where registered and verified users can order vetted equipment from verified distributors in smaller quantities, down to a single 20-count box of N95 respirators or 15-count bag of disposable isolation gowns.

"At GORUCK, we believe service is a way of life and we feel strongly about the ongoing effort to help healthcare workers get the critical PPE they need," says Jason McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of GORUCK. "In partnering with Project N95, we're confident the GORUCK community will make a positive impact on those healthcare workers serving on our frontlines, especially to those most in need."

“A significant amount of the PPE sourced by healthcare providers through the Project N95 Marketplace is requested from providers in New York state,” explains Anne Miller, Executive Director of Project N95. “As the pandemic continues, Project N95 will be here to provide a safe, reliable source of PPE for healthcare and frontline workers, as well as vulnerable communities, throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.”


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About Project N95 Project N95 protects healthcare and essential workers, as well as underserved and vulnerable communities by providing equitable access as quickly as possible to vetted personal protective equipment (PPE). As the leading rapid response 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Project N95 has become the national clearinghouse for critical PPE. Visit projectn95.org to learn more.

GORUCK Press contact: stevan@goruck.com Project N95 Press contact: press@projectn95.org

GORUCK and Project N95 Partner to Get PPE to Frontline Workers