Project N95 Adds U.S.-Manufactured Gerson Products

BROOKLYN, NY, June 21, 2021 -- Project N95 – a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization – is adding several Gerson N95 respirators (the Gerson 1730, Gerson 3230 and Gerson 3230+) to its suite of products. These three masks, offered by The Gerson Company, will increase the selection of vetted U.S.-made N95 respirators available in the Project N95 Shop, opening access to more quality, domestically produced PPE from reputable manufacturers.

In business since 1956, Gerson® distinguishes itself as a vertically integrated, prime manufacturer of a full range of air-purifying respirators, from filtering facepieces to half-mask to full face respirators, and fit testing items; all products of outstanding design and value. Gerson® has been manufacturing NIOSH Approved and FDA Cleared respirators for more than 35 years in its ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility located in Middleboro, MA.

The Extreme Comfort(™), pouch-style #3230 is a NIOSH-approved respirator. The #3230+ respirator is a NIOSH-approved respirator with FDA medical clearance (NOT EUA). Both of these masks are extremely comfortable and durable. Both come individually wrapped to allow for hygienic handling and ease of portability. The Gerson 1730 N95 cup mask respirator is also NIOSH-approved with FDA clearance. All of these products are produced in Middleboro, MA, where the company also manufactures its own melt-blown filter material.

In addition to providing quality products for the U.S. market, the team at Gerson® stepped up to assist with Project N95’s rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis in India, making it possible for the organization to deliver 115,200 N95 respirators. The masks, along with other PPE, were delivered to Delhi and distributed equitably through a partnership with Direct Relief.

“We are proud to feature Gerson products in our marketplace,” said Geoff Bonn, chief financial officer of Project N95. “Their company’s reputation for excellence, and their commitment to safe and effective products mirrors Project N95’s values and we are excited to partner with them.”

Since launching in 2020, Project N95 has provided more than 8.4 million units of personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers throughout the United States. This led to the protection of hundreds of thousands of workers in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare centers during the COVID-19 pandemic. After adding COVID-19 test kits to its product offerings in early 2021, the organization has continued to innovate to open access and provide critical equipment where it is needed most.

“Gerson is partnering with Project N95 because we believe everyone deserves access to great products with the highest market standards for safety and U.S. manufacturing at the best prices,” said Dan Giacalone, Director of Sales and Marketing with Gerson® . “Gerson is committed to helping to achieve these goals through the provision of a fair pricing structure that serves the needs of the market and sustains Gerson’s business model of providing a fair and equitable workplace offering well-paying jobs in a diverse workplace.”

As a volunteer-driven nonprofit, Project N95 makes it possible for everyone to access personal protective equipment and COVID-19 tests from a trusted source. To find Gerson’s quality N95 respirators, other critical supplies and COVID-19 tests, visit

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Project N95 protects communities and the people who live and work in them by providing equitable access to the resources they need to stay safe through the COVID-19 pandemic. As a leading rapid response nonprofit organization created in response to the pandemic, Project N95 has delivered more than 8.4 million units of personal protective equipment since May 2020, becoming the national clearinghouse for critical PPE and diagnostic tests. Visit to learn more or to volunteer.

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Project N95 Adds U.S.-Manufactured Gerson Products