CareAline Partners With Nonprofit Project N95


Danvers, MA (May 05, 2021) — CareAline, a USA-made medical garment and reusable PPE manufacturer, today announces their partnership with non-profit organization, Project N95, to ensure healthcare workers have access to high-quality, vetted PPE. Businesses, healthcare systems and individuals can now purchase CareAline Level 1 and 2 isolation gowns through the Project N95 Shop.

CareAline’s award-winning Reusable Isolation Gowns were designed to keep healthcare workers safe, while stabilizing the USA PPE supply chain and creating a high-quality, cost-effective solution to healthcare purchasing teams. Powered by Milliken™ Perimeter™ barrier fabric made in South Carolina, CareAline Reusable Isolation Gowns are designed to be comfortable and protective with features requested by top infection preventionists and PPE experts to offer superior coverage, and ease of donning and doffing. Reusable at least 100 times, gowns cost less than $0.40 per use. Made in the USA from all USA sourced materials, the isolation gowns are fully tested to meet ANSI/AAMI PB70 standards, and FDA registered.

“When the pandemic hit, we knew that CareAline could make high-quality PPE that met the needs of our healthcare and essential workers and we went above and beyond to give them the protective features they need to stay safe. We developed these products with a long-term outlook and knew that creating a reusable gown would stabilize the supply chain for the future in a post-pandemic world, while also having a reduced environmental impact,” said Kezia Fitzgerald, co-founder of CareAline Products. “Teaming up with Project N95 is a natural fit for us, as we’ve made it our mission to ensure essential workers have the protection they need, by making high-quality PPE available when they need it.”

“As a non-profit organization working to open access to personal protective equipment since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve become a trusted source for high-quality, vetted PPE sourced from verified suppliers,” said Anne Miller, Executive Director of Project N95. “CareAline’s products and mission are perfectly aligned with ours. They are thinking about the future of healthcare with thoughtful, reusable products that are sourced and manufactured 100% in the USA.”

You can find more information about CareAline’s PPE products on the Project N95 Shop or CareAline.

About CareAline

CareAline is a locally owned company founded in 2012 by Kezia and Mike Fitzgerald with a manufacturer based in Massachusetts. They have experience with innovating out of necessity and bringing products to market. The CareAline brand began with the need to protect their daughter Saoirse’s PICC and Central Lines while undergoing chemotherapy for Neuroblastoma. Kezia has continued to innovate through her stem cell transplant in the fall of 2019. Unfortunately, Saoirse succumbed to her cancer in 2011, but the Fitzgeralds were able to bring their patented products to market with a personal mission to help patients live safely and fully by providing clinically proven, necessary products to hospitals and patients. Visit the CareAline website.

About Project N95

Project N95 protects communities and the people who live and work in them by providing equitable access to the resources they need to stay safe through the COVID-19 pandemic. As a leading rapid response nonprofit organization created in response to the pandemic, Project N95 has delivered more than 6.3 million units of personal protective equipment since May 2020, becoming the national clearinghouse for critical PPE and diagnostic tests. Visit to learn more or to volunteer.

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CareAline Partners With Nonprofit Project N95