Project N95 Offers Advice to Protect Families

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, October 24, 2022

As a result of numerous reports of a higher-than-usual number of outbreaks of RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) and flu among children, many resulting in hospitalization, national nonprofit organization Project N95 is issuing advice for those seeking to protect their families from outbreaks. These infections are happening alongside growing numbers of Covid cases.

Project N95 issues the following advice, which is helpful against most contagious respiratory illnesses:

● Mask: Wear a high-quality mask in indoor public places. ● Ventilate: Hold events outdoors if at all possible. If outdoor events are not feasible, make sure indoor spaces are well ventilated by opening windows, running exhaust fans, and using homemade or commercial air purifiers to reduce the presence of viruses. ● Test (for Covid): If you are gathering with family or friends, everyone should take a rapid test just before and only participate if they have tested negative. ● Vaccinate: Covid vaccines, boosters, and flu vaccines can help reduce your risk of infection and hospitalization. There are no vaccines available for RSV. ● Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

“You can protect yourself from most respiratory illnesses by good masking, ventilation and vaccinations, where possible. It’s easy to think we can go back to life before the pandemic, but even before the pandemic, people were hospitalized and even died as a result of respiratory illnesses. It’s smart to remain vigilant,” said Anne Miller, Executive Director of Project N95.

About Project N95: Project N95 is a national nonprofit organization working to protect people and their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Through our online marketplace, we provide equitable access to affordable, authentic N95 respirators, KN95 and KF94 masks, kids masks, COVID-19 tests, and other products. Through our advocacy, education, and distribution of vetted goods and services, we strive to keep everyone safe and informed. Working with partners, donors, and customers, our team has provided at no cost, more than 2 million items like N95 respirators, surgical masks and gloves to communities disproportionately affected by the pandemic and related risk factors. For more information please visit our website

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Project N95 Offers Advice to Protect Families