Project N95 Applauds CDC Efforts - Has Concerns About Promoting KN95s Due to Widespread Fakes


National not-for-profit 501(c) (3) group Project N95 said on Tuesday that it applauds CDC’s efforts to get Americans to upgrade their respiratory protection to N95s or KN95. At the same time, Project N95 has grave concerns about recommending better masks without corresponding plans to remove fake products and create access to quality protection for those who cannot afford it. Project N95 is especially concerned about upgrading to KN95s due to fakes, counterfeits and sub-standard KN95s being sold online. The CDC is reportedly poised to issue new guidance asking Americans to wear N95s or KN95s in the face of the Omicron surge.

Project N95 reiterated that N95s are the gold standard in respiratory protection. All N95s are certified for reliability by NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, whereas KN95s are not tested or certified by any governmental agency.

Project N95 Executive Director Anne Miller made the following statement:

“We support the CDC’s focus on a better-quality mask recommendation. The concern we have is that it may drive those who aren’t informed or don’t have means to substandard (KN95) masks that may not be protective. A KN95 is not certified by any government body and the CDC has reported that more than 60% of KN95s it tests were fake, counterfeit or substandard,” she said. “The N95 is the gold standard in respiratory protection. There is no shortage of these masks available made by US makers. They don’t have to be expensive,” she added.

Project N95 also noted a big oversight in the likely guidance about how we protect children, when there is no N95 equivalent standard for children and few reliable options for KN95s for children.

Project N95 is working to distribute 10 million N95s during the winter surge through groups that serve communities in need.

For more information or assistance purchasing PPE and tests, please visit Project N95 or call us at (205) 528-3060.

About Project N95

Project N95 is a national non-profit working to provide equitable access for all to affordable, authentic respiratory protection and health products through education, advocacy and distribution of vetted goods and services. As a leading rapid response nonprofit organization created in response to the pandemic, Project N95 has delivered more than 32 million units of personal protective equipment since May 2020, becoming the National Clearinghouse for critical PPE and other respiratory protection. Visit to learn more or to volunteer.

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Project N95 Applauds CDC Efforts - Has Concerns About Promoting KN95s Due to Widespread Fakes